Week 8 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Coding tables
  2. Borders, frames and rules
  3. Controlling white space
  4. Empty cells
  5. Captions
  6. Alignment
  7. Border and background colors
  8. Spanning rows or columns
  9. Column groups
  10. Scrolling tables

Online Topic (Due Week 9)

The Internet has always been a place to share ideas, images, music, and software. This week Dr. T. would like you to share with us a Web site you use to legally download useful items for creating (or maintaining) Web page, like images, backgrounds, music/sounds, shareware or public domain software. Please post the following information:

  1. URL of the Web site.
  2. Does this site specialized in specific types of data or software?
  3. Do they rate the data or software? If they do, describe the rating system.
  4. Features they draw you to this site.

Homework (Due Week 9)

  1. Read Chapter 7 and take the quiz. Be able to define the Key Terms and answer the end of chapter Review Questions. Don't forget the Exploration exercises.
  2. BONUS: Complete Chapter 7 Explorations 1 thru 7 and email Dr. T. chapter7.html and spanish-colors.html.
  3. Using the figure below as a model, redesign your homework homepage as a 3 cell table with the following contents (50 points):

    Table Layout

  4. On your Homework Homepage provide a brief one paragraph overviewing of your final project. (10 points)
  5. Email Dr. T. the storyboard for your final project (40 points). Use a image editor or free-drawing program, like Paint or Paint Shop Pro, to create the storyboard showing at least 10 Web pages along with related forward and backward links. Arrowheads should be used to identify the target/destination Web page. Acceptable file formats for the storyboard are as follows:

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