Week 6 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Glyphs and Fonts
  2. Document-Level Style Sheets
  3. Physical styles
  4. Logical styles
  5. Special Character
  6. Pre-formatted text

Online Topic (Due Week 7)

This week I'd like to prompt a discussion on privacy issues associated with the Internet. The question is where do you personally draw the line regarding the type of personal information that is kept about you? This would include the following:

  1. Demographic data (name, age, addresss, income, etc.)
  2. Purchasing information (what you buy, how much you spend, etc.)
  3. Technical information (type of computer, browser, ISP, etc.)
  4. Personal contacts (which Web sites you visit, who you email, etc.)
  5. Other information?

Homework (Due Week 7)

  1. Read Chapter 5 and take the quiz. Be able to define the Key Terms and answer the end of chapter Review Questions. Don't forget the Exploration exercises.
  2. BONUS: Complete Chapter 5 Explorations 1 thru 4 and email Dr. T. chapter5.html and chapter5-3.html. You will need to use style.html and inline.html to complete this Exploration.
  3. Note: Next week you will be asked to evaluate your favorite image editor, like Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop, etc. If you don't have an favorite image editor, you need to find one before next week.
  4. Create a Web page for your favorite sports team or musical group. (100 points). The page must incorporate the following:

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