Week 5 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Plain Text Lists
  2. Ordered lists
  3. Style versus Deprecated Attributes
  4. List items
  5. Aesthetics and Design Considerations
  6. HTML-Complaint Code
  7. Unordered Lists
  8. List of Lists (Nesting)
  9. Readability
  10. Definition Lists
  11. Deprecated List Forms

Online Topic (Due Week 6)

This weeks we need to address the aesthetics and design aspects of the Web Rating Form. You need to post on the class electronic bulletin board one criterion for evaluating the aesthetics and design of a Web page. Remember, each criterion has two parts: question and evaluation. For example:

Does the background color work with the font color? Difficult to read 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 Easy to read.

As before, to receive full credit each criterion must be unique. If similar criteria are submitted, the posted date and time determine credit.

Aesthetics and design criteria can fall into several categories. Dr. T. is open to any additions to the following categories that are a part of a Web page's aesthetics and design:

Homework (Due Week 6)

  1. Read Chapter 4 and take the quiz. Be able to define the Key Terms and answer the end of chapter Review Questions. Don't forget the Exploration exercises that are interspersed throughout the chapter.
  2. BONUS: Complete Chapter 4 Explorations 1 thru 5 and email Dr. T. chapter4.html.
  3. Update your Homework home page to do everything listed below (100 points). Every page should contain comments with your name and the assignment due date after the <html> tag.
    1. Add a link to MCC's website at http://www.muskegoncc.edu
    2. Make your email address an email link.
    3. Place the information about your computer in an unordered list.
    4. Add a new "Homework Assignments" heading to the home page.
    5. Under the new heading create an ordered list. The first item on the list should be a link to the genealogy pages your turned in last week.
    6. The second item in the assignments list should be a link to a new page designed around a list with two or more levels. The list must contain at least 5 level-1 items and 10 level-2 items. The list can cover any one of the following topics:
      • telephone or address list
      • music CDs by artist with title and songs
      • video tapes by title and classification (A,C,H,R,S,W)
      • books or poems you like by author and title
      • glossary of cool terms
      • list of items to sell
      • resume
      • I'll take other ideas, but talk or email to me first!
    7. Create a page footer you can use in the new document. The footer should contain a horizontal rule, the class identifier, a link back to the Homework Homepage, the date the page was last updated, your name, and a link to your email address.
    8. Don't forget to validate each page using http://validator.w3.org.

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