Week 13 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Creating frames
  2. Target windows
  3. Floating column widths
  4. Nested frames
  5. Naming frames
  6. No frames
  7. Inline frames
  8. Target names

Homework (Due Week 14)

  1. Final Project due.
  2. Read: Chapter 10.
  3. BONUS: Complete Chapter 10 Explorations 1 thru 5 and email Dr. T. chapter10-frames.html, chapter10-recipes.html and chapter10-inframe.html.
  4. BONUS: Complete Chapter 10 Exploration 6 and email Dr. T. chapter10-homepage-table.html, chapter10-appetizer-table.html, chapter10-snack-table.html, chapter10-spread-table.html and chapter10-sweet-table.html.

FYI: Using Reserve Target Names

The following target names (in italics) are reserved in the HTML specifications for special functions and cannot be used as independent target names:

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