Week 14 Assignments

Project Presentations

Online students are asked to have projects posted by the due date for evaluation and grading. Each project should be published on the college's Web server, contain a link from your homework homepage to the project homepage and contain a minimum of 10 Web pages designed around a common external stylesheet. A common footer or navigation bar needs to be found on each project Web page. Each page should be tested using the Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Opera browsers. All html files and external scripts related to the project MUST be stored in a folder/sub-directory called project on the Web server. Images MUST be stored in a folder/sub-directory called images and related sound and/or video files stored in a folder/sub-directory called media. Incorporated in the associated Web pages are at least three images with related credit, a table embedded in another table, inter-system links, a data entry form, meta tag with list of keywords associated with each Web page and at least two of the following:

Homework (Due Week 15)

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