Week 12 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Discuss Problems with Final Projects
  2. Client-Side Image Maps (example)
  3. Rollovers
  4. Cookies
  5. <meta> tags use attribute/content pairs
  6. Pseudo-elements and classes

Online Topic (Due Week 13)

This is the last Online Topic: Would you want to make a living designing and coding Web pages?

Homework (Due Week 13)

  1. All late work must be in.
  2. Read Chapters 12 and Chapter 14, then take the quiz. You will need to save either.pl onto your computer to complete the Exploration exercises in this chapter.
  3. BONUS: Complete Chapter 14 Explorations 1 thru 5 and email Dr. T. Web pages created from Explorations #2 and #5.
  4. Turn the image of yourself on the Homework Homepage into an image map. Clicking on your nose should link the user to your favorite search site (100 points).

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