Week 11 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Forms using email
  2. Email action
  3. method="post"
  4. < input /> controls and focus
  5. Variable name
  6. Setting control type
  7. Graphical buttons
  8. Text areas

Online Topic (Due Week 12)

What collection of software (this means more than a single software product) would you recommend a serious Web weaver acquire? Include the following:

Homework (Due Week 12)

  1. Read Chapter 11 and take the quiz. Be able to define the Key Terms and answer the end of chapter Review Questions.
  2. BONUS: Complete Chapter 11 Explorations 1 thru 4 and email Dr. T. form created for Explorations #4.
  3. Design a form for your final project that submits results to an appropriate email address (100 points). Temporarily include this form on your Homework Homepage.

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