Study Questions

Chapter 30 (8th Ed.)


1.†† Define ethics, countercontrol, informed consent, and ethical review committee.



2.†† What is the problem with the argument that it is unethical to control a person's behavior?


***NOTE: One part of a psychologistís ethical standards is accountability. This means the psychologist must be held responsible for producing satisfactory results.


3.†† Identify the eight major questions found in the ethical issues for human services outlined in Table 30-1.


***NOTE: Countercontrol refers to the ability of a client to exert some controls over the theraputic program he or she is involved. A behavioral psychologist would describe countercontrol as the influence a controllee has on the controller by virtue of access to suitable reinforcers or punishers, i.e, payment for services, ethical review board, etc.


4.†† What are two forms of countercontrol that should be a part of defining a behavior problem?


5.†† During the selection of a treatment program, what are two ways of ensuring that client's rights through countercontrol?


6.†† Who should have access to a client's records?


***NOTE: The best safeguard against possible abuses of behavior modification is an informed public.



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