Study Questions

Chapter 27 (8th Ed.)


1.   Define cognition.


2.   Describe two theoretical assumptions of cognitive therapy.


3.   What is the premise of rational-emotive therapy?


4.   Identify Beck's four types of dysfunctional thinking.


***NOTE: Coping skills (behaviors) are ways we deal with stressful situations. Coping skills involve counteracting negative self-statements and inducing relaxation in the presence of a stressful situation, i.e., taking ten deep breathes before responding to an insult.


***NOTE: Here is a behavioral interpretation of cognitive behavior modification procedures:


      1.   cognitive techniques rely largely on rule-governed behaviors

      2.   rules control behavior when they link the behavior to effective environmental consequences

      3.   cognitive techniques will effectively change behavior if and only if there are sufficient links to the external environment.



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