Study Questions

Chapter 26 (8th Ed.)


1.      Define mastery criteria and behavioral contract.


2.   What are three causes of behavior excesses?  Give an example of each.


3.   What are three causes of behavior deficiencies?  Give an example of each.


***NOTE: short-circuiting of contingencies means inappropriately justifying to yourself reasons for not applying an agreed upon contingency.


4.   Identify the five steps in a self-control program.


5.   What are five ways you can build commitment the changes required by a self-control project?


6.   How can you get others to help support data recording?


7.   What are six classes of stimuli that control behavior?


8.   How can you manage the consequences of your behavior?


9.   What are the five guidelines the authors use for incorporating reinforcers into a self-control project?


***NOTE: A behavioral contract includes the following


      1. description of target behaviors

      2. method of data collection

      3. reinforcers to be used, schedule of delivery, and who will deliver reinforcers

      4. potential problems and solutions

      5. bonus/penalty clauses

      6. schedule for reviewing progress

      7. signatures of all who are involved


10. What do the authors say is the most effective way to make a behavior change last?



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