Study Questions

Chapter 20 (8th Ed.)


1.   Define target behavior, behavioral assessment, intake and reactivity.


2.   What, according to some people, is the major contribution of behavior modification?


3.   Briefly describe four components of a behavior modification program.


***NOTE: Three characteristics distinguish behavior modification treatment programs from other approaches to education or therapy:

      1.   Emphasis on the direct measurement of behavior.

      2.   Insistence on frequent observations and monitoring of the behavior of interest.

      3.   Strong emphasis to assessment after the termination of the treatment program.


4        What question is commonly asked when a client first appears at a clinic or psychologist's office? Explain the rationale for asking it.


5.   What are four synonyms for treatment program?


6.   Give five examples of indirect assessment procedures.


7.   What is an advantage and three disadvantages to using direct assessment?


8.   Identify five reasons for recording and publicly posting accurate data during baseline and an intervention.


9.   What type of errors were exemplified by the door slammer's mother and the boy who pinched?


10. Describe how Hemingway and Wallace maintained their writing behavior.



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