Study Questions

Chapter 5 (8th Ed.)


1.   Define extinction, extinction burst and spontaneous recovery.


2.   Briefly describe eight factors that influence the effectiveness of extinction.


3.   When is extinction most effective?


4.   Give two reasons why is it important to consider the setting where extinction is to occur?


*** NOTE: continuous reinforcement means a response is reinforced after every occurrence of the behavior. An intermittent schedule of reinforcement implies a behavior is reinforced but not after every occurrence. Behaviors maintained by an intermittent schedule of reinforcement are more resistant to extinction.


5.   Describe a situation where a behavior of yours has been successfully extinguished? (Be careful NOT to describe a situation where a behavior stopped because it was punished—something bad happened if you did it. Extinction involves the withholding of a reinforcer.)


6.   What are the six preliminary considerations a psychologist must address when trying to extinguish a particular behavior as presented in Guideline 2 on page 70?


7.   Identify three possible reasons for the failure of an extinction program as outlined on Guideline 4b.



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