Study Questions

Chapter 2 (8th Ed.)


1.   Identify 11 applications for behavior modification techniques.


2.   List 4 applications of behavior modification that teach parents methods to improve child-rearing practices.


3.   What is PSI? Identify eight distinctive characteristics.


4.   What is the definition of developmental disabilities and mental retardation?


5.   What three forces in the 1960s revolutionized the education of people with developmental disabilities?


6.   How are autistic behaviors different from retarded behaviors?


7.   Identify four behaviors that are being taught through behavior modification programs for people with schizophrenic behaviors?


8.   What are eight problems that therapists treat in office settings?


9.  Identify four behaviors that have been changed with self-modification projects?


***NOTE: Probably the most widely used form of self-modification projects deals with eating habits and weight control.


10.  Identify five areas where psychologists apply behavior modification principles to health care?


11.  List eight behaviors that organizational behavior management studies have shown can be changed using behavior techniques.


12.  Identify four areas where behavior modification has been used in applied sports psychology?



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