Week 1 Assignments

Class Topics

  1. Blackboard Registration
  2. Protocols, Domain Names and ISPs
  3. Basic HTML/XHTML Terminology
  4. ASCII editors and HTML Viewers
  5. Other Useful Tools
  6. Using Search Engines

Online Topic (Due Week 2)

Use Blackboard's Discussion Board to post a brief bio about yourself and overview of how you personally use the Internet?

Homework (Due Week 2)

  1. Read Chapter 1, be able to define the Key Terms and answer the end of chapter Review Questions. Don't forget to take the online quiz using your Blackboard account by midnight of the due date above.
  2. Start looking for good examples of well-designed and poorly-designed Web pages. Students will post Web pages with eye catching designs on the discussion board next week. Web pages with bad design features are the discussion topic for week 3.

FYI: Search Engines

A Search Engine (called a search site in the text) is a web site that is designed to help users locate other web sites. The user is prompted to enter a word or word phrases the Search Engine uses to find matches on other web pages. This process is very similar to using a computer-based search at a public library.

Popular Search Engines:

Search Conditions

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